The Ionic Starter
for Angular and SQLite.

Build unlimited apps with this starter template for Android and iOS. Don't waste time implementing the boilerplate and focus on your core features instead.

Your favorite technologies

Ionstarter is built with Angular 18, Ionic Framework 8, Capacitor 6 and SQlite.

AngularIonic FrameworkCapacitorSQLite

All the features, ready to be used

Start with pre-built Storage, Database, In-App Purchases and more.

Cross Platform

Build, test, and deploy your Android and iOS app from a single codebase with Capacitor - a cross-platform native runtime for web apps.

User Interface

Build beautiful apps using the Ionic Framework. Use pre-designed components, typography, and a base theme that adapts to each platform.


Store and retrieve data from a local SQLite database. Perform efficient queries and transactions with a simple API.

In-App Purchases

Monetize your app with one-time purchases and subscriptions using the RevenueCat SDK.


Collect user feedback via email including device information. Use the feedback to improve your app.


All labels and messages are translated into English and German, and can be easily translated into any other language.


Use GitHub Actions to fully automate your workflow. Build, test, and deploy your Android and iOS app directly from GitHub.


Get straight into building with pre-configured ESLint rules, formatting, fully-typed code, and more.

"I like to learn from a diversity of examples and perspectives so I can't wait to see this Ionic starter template's use of best practices, patterns, and strategies in tackling common use cases."

Keith Costello
Keith Costello
Software Engineer at KXIOP

Simple no-tricks pricing

Pay once, own it forever. No hidden fees, no subscription, no surprises.

Lifetime access

Build as many apps as you want, ship them to production, and use them forever.

  • One-time purchase
  • Free updates
  • Unlimited projects
  • GitHub repository access
  • Commercial use
  • All Ionstarter features
Pay once, own it forever
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Hey, I am Robin 👋

I'm a software engineer by day and an indie maker by night. I'm passionate about building products that help developers to be more productive. I built Ionstarter to help you save valuable time and provide you with a solid foundation for your next app, so you can focus on your core business.

Robin Genz

Robin Genz

Creator of Ionstarter

Robin is an official Ionic Developer Expert with over 7 years of experience with Ionic and Angular.

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